How Music Affects Our Life (Part 2)

As I mention in previous article, there are many ways that music could affect our brains. You can Read More Here about the benefits of music to our brains. It can make you feel sad and happy. It can also make you feel more focus if you turn the music on with moderate noise level. Also different genres of music will also be a hint of how the people who like it are.
You can see that music affect our life in a great deal. Some of us also take part in playing some kind of musical instruments such as the guitar. They like it so much they equip themselves with lots of stuffs such as best acoustic guitar strings.
In this article, I will continue to talk about some more ways that the music we listen could affect our brain in a positive way.

Let’s continue with more benefits of music:

1. Music Can Improve Our Reasoning Skills As Well As Our Brains

This statement is really true, especially if you approach to music training when you were just a little kid. It has been proved that children who learn how to play a certain musical instrument or have vocal lessons will become smarter when they grow up. They have higher IQ as well as other numerical and reasoning skills than the children who do not learn music.
They also have better scores in the subjects about vocabulary and nonverbal reasoning skills
Although practicing music and being good at math and language seem unrelated. In fact, when we learn music, our brain will develop both the left and right parts of the brain, which stimulate the intelligence in both math and language.
Also when learn about rhythm and tempo, a kid will have a better knowledge about numbers. Learning about the lyrics and learning how to interpret music will help in term of language development.
Besides the impact of music to the younger’s mind, when you attend music and vocal training when you are a kid, you will see yourself having more discipline, more focus and  more ambition, all of these will contribute to the success of your career in the future.

2. Classical Music Can Improve Your Attention

I have mentioned that music can help to boost your creativity; it also helps to enhance your ability to focus. You might use classical music when you study and work and think that you are more focused this way.
Even doctors in some hospital also listen to music while doing surgery. This will help them focus and feel relaxed. And because we can perceive music without feeling it, music will not interrupt what you are doing and make you distracted from your work.
Remember that you should listen to music in a moderate level because listening to music that is too loud will distract you. Ambient music will help you focus the most.

3. Music Help Us A Great Deal for Our Workout Routine

Scientists have done various experiments which show that we can exercise better when listening to music.
Music helps you being more alert washes away your tiredness. To be clearer, when you are tired and feel painful, your brain will signal your muscles as well as your body to stop from what you are doing.  When you listen to music, your brain will focus more on music instead of the feeling that you are supposed to feel at that moment. This is very helpful for exercises and workouts of low and medium intensity.
Another interesting study about the benefits of music to our daily exercise is that when you listen to music while exercising, you consume less energy than who exercise in silence. We fell less tired and hence can do more exercises instead.
Also music can make you more focused, which helps you a great deal in order to finish a workout. You can signal your brain to send the message to stop when you finish a song. Or you can think for yourself that you are only allowed to stop after listening for several songs as well.
Last but not least, if you listen to inspirational and motivational music, you will feel more confident and strong to go pass the stage of feeling painful and tired.  In this case, you actually can feel the music. The music that provides most motivation and inspiration is the one whose tempo is around 145 beats per minute, which are mostly dub step and drum. You should not choose pop and jazz as your workout playlist. But then again, everyone is different so you should listen to what works the best.
Overall, listening music is one of the most important recreational activities in our life. The ways it affects our brain may surprise you. It can help to improve our intelligence as well as our verbal and nonverbal skills. The effects of music training to younger person are very significant. It also help you more focus and help us to exercise better. There are also many ways that music can be used such as a method for soothing baby or as a therapy for stressful people.
I hope that this article provide you some interesting information about music and can learn how to apply the interest of listening to music to your life so you can be beneficial from it.

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