The Classification of Different Guitar Types

The development of the time, along with the transformation of the society, thought, human consciousness that guitar also have significant modifications (to find these types of accessories such as the best guitar pedals guitar support, please visit our website at¬†). Comment according to the band, the guitars are divided into two main lines: the classical guitar and guitar music. The classical guitar is usually made of wood, has 6 strings, sometimes designed 12 strings. In light music, is much richer category should also be divided into guitar lines such as flamenco, jazz or rock. In terms of composition, the guitar is divided into electric guitar, Hawaiian guitar, guitar, keyboard, backing guitar (bass), wire rope… But usually the guitars are divided into two groups: acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

1. Aucostic Guitar

– Acoustic guitar has penetrated into many different music genres. Besides its role as the great acoustic, solo also has a very harmonious integration with the other musical instruments. Aucostic guitar is basically the instrument do not use electricity, light weight, usually made mostly of wood, easy to carry when on the move. Guitar strings are made mainly from iron wire or plastic cord. Guitar aucostic capable of performing many different types of music from classical, country, jazz to flamenco with great expressiveness.

– Acoustic guitar usually has narrower keys guitar classic, slightly thinner barrel classic, on a disabled image pieces to decorate and avoid scratching the barrel when a broken piece of hitting. Some guitarists, on the side of the barrel on the guitar is also possible to hook the wire designs available to hook the strap on.

2. Renaissance & Baroque Guitar

– This is the predecessor of the modern guitar. In comparison with classical guitar, it is small and delicate, and the sound emitted is also smaller. It has gained in pairs as strings guitar, 12 strings, but only 3-4 pair, the other with 12 strings guitar has 6 pairs with twelve strings. The Baroque guitar is used to hit the buffers as well as singles, and is often seen in the concert music on the period 500-1760 BC.
– While the Baroque guitar has a flat-bodied then guitar Renaissance is decorated very picky with the layers of wood and ivory decorations throughout the body and neck guitars, and a paper-cutout inverted the hole in the fuselage.

3. Classical Guitar

– This instrument is built from a design by about 150 years ago. It is the type of acoustic guitar has 6 strings plastic, mellow sound. He used this instrument in a variety of different types of music: from Spanish music, folk, jazz and solo music for the next concert.
– Classical guitar in strings, musical 3-octave range, built from many different wood types, has a length of approximately 1 m. This instrument evolved from the middle ages. Early, it appeared in Spain and Italy, he stages it has more compact shape type of classical guitar.

4. Flamenco Guitar

The flamenco guitar is made similar to the classical guitar, but lighter, often made of spruce, cypress tree wood. Latch adjustment as of the traditional violin, although many modern guitarflamenco locomotives. A distinguishing feature of all flamenco guitar tap plates (golpeadores) glued to the table, to protect them, this is an essential feature of the flamenco style.

5. Flat-top Guitars

Guitar flat-top steel string similar to classical guitar, however, the different sizes of the steel-wire size is usually significantly larger than a classical guitar, and has a narrower neck, stronger. The steel chain made brighter tone, and as more people play the guitar, the sound is also louder. The acoustic guitar is used in many types of music: country, pop, bluegrass, jazz, folk and blues.

6. Archtop Guitar

Archtop guitar is a steel string instruments, in which the head of the instrument are carved from a solid billet in a curved rather than a flat shape. The typical archtop guitar has a size large, deep, hollow form is like that of a mandolin or violin family instrument. Today, most archtops are equipped with pickups from and so are popular in jazz music, usually with flatwound strings.

7. Resoponic, Resonance Or Dobro Guitar

Is the type of acoustic guitar has the aluminum cone disk mounted in the fuselage the guitar to amplified sound. This instrument emits sound big enough to listen in live concerts without air diffuser (amplifiers). The guitar to resonate and have other sound diffuser device mounted as Dobros and Naitionals first appeared in the 1930s. People use this instruments in dance bands, Jazz and blue. This type of guitar strings, musical 3 octave. The harp body made of wood, plastic or metal.

8. Hawaiian Guitar

Hawaiian guitar has six strings but no key. Players use a stick of metal in the left hand block on the guitar to create the keys. The short length of the strings being blocked will create the pitches. Hawaiian guitar playing a lot of overtone, has a lot of overtone because the length of the string can be changed, and the overtone, the more melodic guitar he often. The right hand to have 1 set of 4 nail inserted in four toes: one, point, between the rings. Hawaiian guitar’s cord wire is smooth, not both. 6 this line was not up as of the pitches as the Spanish guitar.

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