Use Properly the Guitar Delay Pedal


Best reverb pedal provides the professional view and more fantastic quality to your sound. Thanks to this part, it helps enhance the effects of your music and the variety of sounds. If you want to improve your playing style, learning about the guitar delay is an important requirement. It is unchallengeable for guitarists to know how to use the guitar delay pedal in a proper way. They could be found greatly in many aspects, including costs, features, quality, etc…Below are our guide to use a guitar delay pedal.

Delay Pedal Controls

There are 3 main controls of the delay pedal, including time, feedback and level. Each of them shows particular functionalities for doing multi-functional tasks.

  • Time

The key function of time button is controlling the length of time after repeating a signal. The unit for measuring time is milliseconds (ms). This helps you decide correctly the delay times, which enables the right adjustability of Time knob. For instance, you have chance to select the most suitable time among a variety of ranges. A delay pedal screen often comes with 4 ranges of time, including up to 50 ms, 51–200 ms, 201–800 ms, and 801–3200ms.

  • Feedback

You will know exactly the number of repetitions through feedback. A single repetition is produced at the minimum settings. After that, it offers more repeats than the original time. In some delay models, they provide unlimited repeats when this feature is inactive.

  • Level

Level has special capability of adjusting the repeat volume. You couldn’t find any repeat if the level is at minimum setting level. The higher levels, the louder the repeats perform.


Steps for Using the Delay Pedals

To get the best sound result, you had better match the pedal size with your styles and sound demands. When supporting live programs, the pedal should come with strong beating and functional features. If cost is the first priority, pedal without robust quality is a great recommendation.

  • Step 1: Decide Suitable Types of Delay Pedals

Top 3 most popular delay pedals in the market nowadays are digital, analog and tape delay pedal. Think carefully to choose the best types of delay according to your music favor and your budgets. Although tape delay pedals are large, they are effective for listeners who prefer natural sound. A minor plus of this type is slightly high cost. Another typical option for natural sound is analog delay pedals, which require less echo signals. However, the analog delay produces short delays under 300 milliseconds.

  • Step 2: Power the Delay Unit

It is so simple to power the delay unit. Users have chance to try powering the delay through 2 options. The first one is using a 9-volt battery for places lacking of power sources. The battery needs fully recharging before using. Another great recommendation is choosing the delay unit that associates with an AC adapter. There is no need of checking and recharging the battery. It is extremely convenient to plug the delay everywhere with suitable power outlet.

  • Step 3: Connect the Cables of the Delay Pedal

It is advisable for you to operate a quarter-inch cable between the input jack on the pedal and your guitar. This helps add a delay unit into the signal line. You had better make a connection between the output jack and the input jack of the pedal. After each time of use, remember to disconnect the cable for more safety. Disconnecting cable will also reduce the waste of energy when necessary. It is time for you to turn on the guitar amp and start controlling the delay pedal knobs. Make sure that these knobs are appropriate with their default positions. If you turn on the guitar before connecting the cables, it might cause to serious damages.

  • Step 4: Control the Knobs

Each model has particular number of knobs. You should choose the pedal with at least three knobs: time, feedback and level. All you need is deciding the functions of each type of knob as we have mentioned above.

Besides, read the manual instructions for more support. You can meet an indefinite repeat in some pedals. It requires you to ask the professionals in emergencies. When you start playing guitar, adjusting different knobs of the delay pedal helps determine your favorite sounds and tones. If you want to change the tones of your guitar, get the desirable effect from suitable knobs.

Long and short delay time is a common option of many guitarists. Slap back is representative for the longest delay time. It can lengthen the delay between the playback and the record. For more strong impression, set your delay time within the range from 20 to 50 milliseconds. One fact is that a small change in the delay time will affect the music phases and tones.

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