Effective Types and Creation Tools for the Delay Pedal


For guitarists and bass, the effect is the most important thing that everyone should at least know. Today, the growing effect varied and many, this can make for you beginners learn difficulty. Therefore, we would introduce preliminary effect types and function of the delay pedal.

The effect is a signal processing components in the signal processing chain of musical instruments, mainly electric guitars and bass especially. The main components in the signal processing chain of guitar / bass and amp included Effect, in which Effect Pedal can be either rack unit. Amp act creating the sound for guitar / bass, pedal and rack unit known role edit / create the above effects. Standard signal processing chain for guitar are as follows:

Guitar -> Pre-Effect -> Amp -> Insert (Loops effect) -> Cabinet (speaker) -> Mic -> Post Effect

In that pre-effect, Effect Loop, Post effect can be Pedal or Rack.

The Difference Between the Pedal and Rack Unit

Analog pedal usually has a certain function, controlled directly by pins, cheap. Integrated digital pedal normally functions into one compact, controlled directly by pins, cheap.

Rack unit: better sound quality pedal, manually controlled directly or indirectly by foot (via foot controller), often integrating multiple functions and higher prices pedal.

Types of digital pedals / rack unit today were mostly amped emulator functions, create favorable conditions for performing artists not carrying an amp, but the quality will not be using the real amp.

If you use only a small effect, you should use the analog pedal. If you use a lot of effects and budgets are limited, then use digital pedal, if you have the economic conditions should investors really rack unit

Classification Effect

We can classify the effect based on multiple criteria, but I would like to sort based on the most basic features of the effect:

  • Effect umlauts (Modulation): Also called mod, because it distorts the original sound effect or changes the original sound a bit, and usually to pre-amp position. The basic mod includes Wah Wah, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Pitch, Octave, etc.
  • Wah Wah: Often used in the sentence buffer funky style, Solo.
  • Phaser: Often used for the cushions, Solo, creating vortices similar sound Wah wah, but determined pace.
  • Flanger: Often used for the cushions, seldom used for solo, similar to the Phaser.
  • Chorus: Often used for the cushions, running notes melody, choral effects, the sound quality is more luxurious.
  • Octave: Add one / two intervals 8 in question, commonly used for solo bass or guitar solo run low notes.
  • Compressor: Compressing hours back to a more balanced sound of the sentence buffer / solo, often used for the cushions scattered, funky and solo.
  • The effect creates timid: the negative effect increases stem or root so that voice distortion is usually shy to the amp position before and after modulation.
  • Overdrive: can be used to boost amp crunch sound or produce little shy for the clean amp.
  • Distortion: is mainly used to produce more timid for the clean amp.
  • Fuzz: is mainly used to produce clean amp shy for vintage style and sound more gritty distortion.

Delay, Reverb and Chorus

Effect original sound effects add to the other waves to create a feeling of sound are in a certain space and right to the back Amp (possibly in a position or effect Loop Post Effect).

Delay and Reverb are 2 basic effects that guitarists always need to make space for sound, often used in conjunction with Chorus for exclusive use for the buffer or solo verses seem more luxurious. Delay can be used separately as a modulation. Have listed their Effect on effect variable sound and effects. It is because of the effect that can be used both 2 purposes.

If using effects such as delay effects, reverb, chorus turned negative purposes, then in that case, we also call it the modulation effects. Where the opposite is also true if the modulation used for the purpose of effect. The pedal arrangement before following his basic amp has presented, in addition you can change a little as you like.

There are also side effects such support guitarist gate Noise: Noise Reduction Support signal when using overdrive / distortion / amp. The effect is the basic effect guitarist and bassist, hope you have an idea about the kind of effects for guitar / bass and imagine for themselves the first effect.

After the standard string are up, you can press the simple chords which you properly know, can be Am or Children, then try to listen as well as remember the chord sound with the hustle of the guitar. When the users have to, please hold their gram of other violins. Hence, you sprayed one chord with the gram Em or Am, your guitar properly stretched.

We hope you can find useful information regarding the delay pedal in this article.

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