Delay Pedal and Its Effective Usage


What Is the Delay Pedal?

One of the problems sore confusing and makes you feel tired that’s when it hit the Delay pedal. So what is Delay pedal? In this article, we will help you better understand the delay pedal to help us have an overview and easier accomplishment regarding this field.

Where Did Delay Pedal Come From?

In fact, the concept of Delay pedal has from early on, that’s when the radio network leased telephone lines emit a signal to a distant. After that, the signal will return to generate a few milliseconds latency for signals original, then they will mix the signal delay pedal with the original signal to help better their sound.

By the early ’60s, when the ice from the throne, the sound engineers have tested delay pedal the creation of a system based on a tape delay pedal recording. In this way, they will write an audio track on a magnetic tape. Then, they play the tape in a machine that separated many readers. The reading will later lead to each other in the beginning, the main this difference will create delay pedal.

Another invention, is to write an audio clip on the tape and then play the sound back into the recorder and overwrite the old piece of writing. Of course, this new writing section will also delay pedal than the original sound first, this will help create more repeat delay pedal.

Definition of Delay Pedal

Let’s learn through some concepts regarding our main topic today, the Delay pedal. Learning about the delay pedal is the purpose of person who wants to learn this instrument. However, not everybody gets clear how to own advantage to the destination more quickly. The strength as well as the quality of delay pedal depending on the awareness about the learning this music instrument.

The rhythm which you can make reflects the perceptions about how to play guitar for yourself. You can improve this thing by listening to the critique of other experienced players. This is the first thing you should remember if you want to play professionally.

Delay pedal time

Is the time between the original signal and playback signal delay pedal? Normally, when you use a delay pedal effect, the delay pedal of the original signal will be exactly the same from beginning to end, but in reality some cases people use different types of delay pedal for a signal will cause the delay pedal to be different and do not have a rule at all.

Delay pedal time in milliseconds, but the software, people often rely on conventional tracks speed, otherwise known as tempo (beats per second) and the length of the notes to calculate.

Delay Concerns

For example, as shown in the figure, the song’s tempo is 60, meaning that for every 1 second to 1 pace, your delay pedal set at a quarter of bars, meaning that the delay pedal will play 4 times in bars or otherwise delay pedal will beat 4 beats in 1 box. Thus, when you lightning, for every 1-second as above you will hear one signal sounded delay pedal until all feedback. Similarly, suppose you set delay pedal means delay pedal your 1/8 will be heard by a single hook pitch, so every 1 second delay pedal will be 2 signal sounded.


If Delay pedal time specified distance sounded the signal delay pedal Feedback provisions of repetitions. The concept is somewhat similar to the Reverb Decay anyway. Feedback low as 1.


Is where you can change the pitch of notes you hit, the effects will help you create a delay pedal signal thick and rounded, usually used to make loud chorus (Chorus) when the direct sound combined with its copy.

Some Kind of Delay Pedal

There are countless different types of Delay pedal, but within this article let’s learn several common Delay pedal Light:

  • Slapback

This is a repeat Delay pedal time is very short, usually only by a beat (feedback = 1). This delay pedal type commonly used in blues, country and usually applied to the guitar to create the fun for the song.

  • Doubling

This is one of the effects is quite suitable for Vocal, in this way, a phase delay pedal is applied but the time delay pedal decreased to very low levels, making the listener the impression without delay pedal.

  • Longer Delay pedal

Contrary to Doubling, in Longer Delay pedal, delay pedal time can be set in the length field notes

  • Pingpong Delay pedal
In this way, Delay pedal will be set right in a left channel 2 iterations with different time delay pedal for each channel will create a sense of sound to run from right to left or left to right. And the last thing to remember is that you should not be limited by the effect. You discover ways to use and combine many different creative ways for you to create your own brand.

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