What Do You Know About the Delay Pedal


The delay pedal is one very simple effect, popular and useful. Perhaps many of you are still experiencing difficulties in using the delay pedal, I would like to share some of his knowledge. In this article I only mention the fundamental problem, the use should not go into operation principles.

1. What Is the Delay Effect?

The delay is a sound effect, the signal will be saved in memory and grave type is played back after a certain period of time. This signal can be played back one or more times. Delay effect is the basis for further development of different types of effects such as Chorus, Reverb, Echo, flanging, looping…

2. Delay Types

Delay pedal is divided into two main groups and Digital Delay Analog Delay. Controversy about Analog and Digital perhaps a never-ending problem. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. I just want to say “trust your ears”; depending on budget, use to choose the appropriate effect.

  • Analog Delay

About 50 years ago, people used magnetic tape to save and signaling. This technology is applied to create the delay effect. Signals will be saved on the tape while the signal will be read at the other end of the tape. Thus, the stop delay is the time to signals from the receiver to the reader. By increasing the speed of the tape or change the position of the receiver and the reader can be adjusted Delay signal.

Analog Delay is preferred because it provides a natural sound, smoother when set in the short amount of time. However the use of magnetic tape is bulky and particularly inaccurate when increasing delay. Today the use of the circuit has gradually replaced tape delay, by low-cost, high accuracy. Yet there are still using tape pedal very famous Fulltone Tube Tape Echo as.

A few famous Analog Delays comprise of Electro Harmonix Memory Man, MXR Carbon Copy, etc.

  • Digital Delay

Today, with the development of digital technology has helped to create the compact memory, large capacity, low cost. On the principle of operation, Digital Analog Delay is also similar collection and distribution. The signal from the source device will go through a convert from analog to digital, then this signal will be saved in the temporary memory, and the chip will make the task of adjusting signals (output feedback, time delay, etc.); finally is sent to one digital-to-analog converter switch from. Delay Digital signals provide precise, long delay, easy alignment of feedback. Looper or Sampler is a Digital Delay for a long time.

Some Rack, famous Delay Pedals consist of KORG A3, Axe FX Ultra, Nova Repeater, Nova Delay, TC D-two, Line 6 DL4, Boss DD7, etc.

3. Delay Effect of Some Common Types

– Echo

– Studio Delay

– Tube Tape Delay

– Ping Pong

– Dynamic

– Reverse

– Pan

– Slapback

4. Usage of Delay Pedal

Each type of Delay Pedal has many different effects and buttons, but most share a few basic things:

Feed Back: This button to adjust the sound echoed. Will be divided into 2 types as Dry and Wet Signal. Dry clean guitar sound signal is around. Wet Signal is known to be repeated. Increase feedback will increase the number of times the signal repeats.

Parameter / Delay: to set downtime often measured in millisecond latency (1000ms = 1 second). For example, set 400 ms delay after every 0,4s every signal will repeat.

Tone / Blend: 2 buttons to mix signals. Such increase will be made 2 signals Blend mix – Dirty sound and vice versa.

Mod (usually Chorus Vibrato): to set two types of feedback to repeat. Chorus, the signal repeating chorus I just made up. Wet Vibrato will still repeat the same signal as sound but at her vibrato (on the neck).

FX Level: to increase the reduced bowel (sound intensity).

In addition, there is also additional pedal FX Loop 1 or 2 Input is Mono and Stereo Output. Delay and Reverb are usually placed last in the setup or in FX Loop, then Preamp.

5. Epilogue

Using Delay Effect is also an art, which requires effort, time and money. It is important to understand what you need, painstakingly align sound, not just expensive gear brought high efficiency. Master of Delay and may be referred to The Edge of U2.

All things which are mentioned above is have the relationship each other as well as it is said is the original core of learning this instrumental. The player ought to begin with the basic practice of your nails let you start rehearsing right hand. When you had learned by heart the correct movements and posture, you can adjust easily your nail shape. In that process, the player can be introduced by the guitar that you desire. But, your discipline should also follow up with the two remaining principles.

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