What Do You Know About the Delay Pedal


The delay pedal is one very simple effect, popular and useful. Perhaps many of you are still experiencing difficulties in using the delay pedal, I would like to share some of his knowledge. In this article I only mention the fundamental problem, the use should not go into operation principles.

1. What Is the Delay Effect?

The delay is a sound effect, the signal will be saved in memory and grave type is played back after a certain period of time. This signal can be played back one or more times. Delay effect is the basis for further development of different types of effects such as Chorus, Reverb, Echo, flanging, looping…

2. Delay Types

Delay pedal is divided into two main groups and Digital Delay Analog Delay. Controversy about Analog and Digital perhaps a never-ending problem. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. I just want to say “trust your ears”; depending on budget, use to choose the appropriate effect.

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