The Classification of Different Guitar Types

The development of the time, along with the transformation of the society, thought, human consciousness that guitar also have significant modifications (to find these types of accessories such as the best guitar pedals guitar support, please visit our website at¬†). Comment according to the band, the guitars are divided into two main lines: the classical guitar and guitar music. The classical guitar is usually made of wood, has 6 strings, sometimes designed 12 strings. In light music, is much richer category should also be divided into guitar lines such as flamenco, jazz or rock. In terms of composition, the guitar is divided into electric guitar, Hawaiian guitar, guitar, keyboard, backing guitar (bass), wire rope… But usually the guitars are divided into two groups: acoustic guitar and electric guitar.

1. Aucostic Guitar

– Acoustic guitar has penetrated into many different music genres. Besides its role as the great acoustic, solo also has a very harmonious integration with the other musical instruments. Aucostic guitar is basically the instrument do not use electricity, light weight, usually made mostly of wood, easy to carry when on the move. Guitar strings are made mainly from iron wire or plastic cord. Guitar aucostic capable of performing many different types of music from classical, country, jazz to flamenco with great expressiveness.
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