Use Properly the Guitar Delay Pedal


Best reverb pedal provides the professional view and more fantastic quality to your sound. Thanks to this part, it helps enhance the effects of your music and the variety of sounds. If you want to improve your playing style, learning about the guitar delay is an important requirement. It is unchallengeable for guitarists to know how to use the guitar delay pedal in a proper way. They could be found greatly in many aspects, including costs, features, quality, etc…Below are our guide to use a guitar delay pedal.

Delay Pedal Controls

There are 3 main controls of the delay pedal, including time, feedback and level. Each of them shows particular functionalities for doing multi-functional tasks.

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For Beginner Only- Classification and the Usage of Delay Pedal

In this article we try to use the terminology as well as the language which is most easily understood, somewhat rudimentary and sometimes not very accurate. However, all with the purpose of simplifying matters to help you understand the new knowledge. However, for those of you knew, somewhere may still be confusing terminology, but I cannot write this article without using the term to which (such as amp, preamp, etc.).
So when you encounter difficult to understand where you feel free to questions, I will try to answer your questions. When a new electric guitar player have access to a device, that the elder often called delay pedal. Now let’s discuss in more details of the classification and the usage of delay pedal. There are lots of new things for you to get to know.

Overview of Delay Pedal

Delay pedal is the device used to align, transformed the sound of the electric guitar a variety of different languages. Put simply, delay pedal makes the electric guitar just like a wooden Guitar 1 capture device attached sound (pickup)) generated at sounds shrill (distortion), while soft ( clean), or at the disembodied (wah wah). Delay pedal usually press-button foot (pedal), which the player can change the language does not need to hand when playing. A simple delay pedal last 2 sockets: In and Out. In receiving signals from above; out signals to the speakers.

This is a little-known term in everyday life, but it is mentioned a lot in the world.

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Effective Types and Creation Tools for the Delay Pedal


For guitarists and bass, the effect is the most important thing that everyone should at least know. Today, the growing effect varied and many, this can make for you beginners learn difficulty. Therefore, we would introduce preliminary effect types and function of the delay pedal.

The effect is a signal processing components in the signal processing chain of musical instruments, mainly electric guitars and bass especially. The main components in the signal processing chain of guitar / bass and amp included Effect, in which Effect Pedal can be either rack unit. Amp act creating the sound for guitar / bass, pedal and rack unit known role edit / create the above effects. Standard signal processing chain for guitar are as follows:

Guitar -> Pre-Effect -> Amp -> Insert (Loops effect) -> Cabinet (speaker) -> Mic -> Post Effect

In that pre-effect, Effect Loop, Post effect can be Pedal or Rack.

The Difference Between the Pedal and Rack Unit

Analog pedal usually has a certain function, controlled directly by pins, cheap. Integrated digital pedal normally functions into one compact, controlled directly by pins, cheap.

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How to Use the Delay Pedal


This article is based on personal understanding and summarizing of the delay pedal used over the years to share with you. There are so many things to say, but only have limited time to seek your understanding. We do hope that you can find useful information regarding to the delay pedal after the following article.

The Basics of Delay Pedal

As a matter of face, the Delay pedal is a combination of effects pedals include circuitry is housed in a box used to create sound effects for guitar signal. Therefore, it plays an important role in guitar playing process of every person.

The Basic Usage of Delay Pedal

1. Distortion and Overdrive are the most important and popular delay pedal in the sound of the guitar.

2. Echo, Delay, Reverb … this is indispensable its delay pedal generate repeat negative effects master and make it sound more soft and deep space.

3. Modulation which includes Flanger, Chorus, Phase, Wah, etc. can change frequency sound waves to create certain effects depending on the delay pedal.

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Delay Pedal and Its Effective Usage


What Is the Delay Pedal?

One of the problems sore confusing and makes you feel tired that’s when it hit the Delay pedal. So what is Delay pedal? In this article, we will help you better understand the delay pedal to help us have an overview and easier accomplishment regarding this field.

Where Did Delay Pedal Come From?

In fact, the concept of Delay pedal has from early on, that’s when the radio network leased telephone lines emit a signal to a distant. After that, the signal will return to generate a few milliseconds latency for signals original, then they will mix the signal delay pedal with the original signal to help better their sound.

By the early ’60s, when the ice from the throne, the sound engineers have tested delay pedal the creation of a system based on a tape delay pedal recording. In this way, they will write an audio track on a magnetic tape. Then, they play the tape in a machine that separated many readers. The reading will later lead to each other in the beginning, the main this difference will create delay pedal.

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What Do You Know About the Delay Pedal


The delay pedal is one very simple effect, popular and useful. Perhaps many of you are still experiencing difficulties in using the delay pedal, I would like to share some of his knowledge. In this article I only mention the fundamental problem, the use should not go into operation principles.

1. What Is the Delay Effect?

The delay is a sound effect, the signal will be saved in memory and grave type is played back after a certain period of time. This signal can be played back one or more times. Delay effect is the basis for further development of different types of effects such as Chorus, Reverb, Echo, flanging, looping…

2. Delay Types

Delay pedal is divided into two main groups and Digital Delay Analog Delay. Controversy about Analog and Digital perhaps a never-ending problem. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. I just want to say “trust your ears”; depending on budget, use to choose the appropriate effect.

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